Social Media Activity List

Below are the list of free activities that will be featured on our our social media accounts. Our Instagram is @pawscause._ and our Facebook is @pawscause. 

10/20- Like Pet Like Owner: Do you and your pet have an unbreakable bond? Submit a photo of you and your furry best friend to get featured on our social media. We will post them on our social media.  

10/21- DIY Dog Treats: Do you want to make some homemade treats? On 10/21 tune into how to make some home cooked treats for the four legged member of your family. If you have a cat tune into the next day for treats for your kitty.

10/22- DIY Kitty Treats: Check out this day for homemade kitty treats. A perfect beginning of the week treat for your kitty.

10/23- Fun Fact Friday: Tune into some fun facts about your favorite animals on Fun Fact Friday.

10/24- "Animals Got Talent": You may have seen the popular TV show called "Americas Got Talent" but we are adding a twist submit a video of your pets best trick for them to win their golden ticket to making our social media pages.

10/25- Caption This Contest- For this day we will post photo and comment what you would caption the photo with. The comment with the most likes wins a prize. 

10/26 Pets and Pumpkins: In honor of Halloween and fall send a photo in of your furry friend with some pumpkins for this year. We will feature them on our instagram.  

10/27 Costume Contest: As Halloween approaches we will be hosting a Costume contest. Show off what your furry friend is wearing to trick-or-treat on October 31st. 

10/28 Furry Friends: Does your pet have a best friend who they are inseparable with? Send in a photo of that friendship. We love to see BFF's. 

10/29 Photo Contest: Send in a photo of your pet in to be featured on our instagram! This includes any pet from cats to dogs to reptiles and bunnies all are included in this. 

Our Social Media Account Links

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We are PAWsitive that

 this event will be a blast!

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